Product Quality

Structural Quality

DURABILITY keeps the Maintenance Costs low

The oldest Maxxtracks ski slope simulator is 10+ years old and still in continuous operation.

  • Rigid steel construction
  • High quality powder coating
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Standard fitted with boarding, fencing, kick boards and handrails.
  • All platforms are finished with long-life artificial grass.

Slope Width of 500cm+

CRITICAL for Correct technique

Experienced skiers confirm a nett slope width of 500+ cm is essential for developing the correct technique. This is the minimum width to ensure the correct knee bend, body movement and timing. It is of critical importance.

Hydraulically Tilt-able Slope

Instant Varable Slope Angle: 9-22 degrees

Provides optimum angle setting for every ski and snowboard level.

  • Push button control
  • Smooth and quiet hydraulic operation.

MAXX-GRASS & Belt System

Quality & Durability

The best available ski carpet on the Market:

  • 3-layer base belt
  • Superior ski and snowboard performance
  • Stability and Durability
  • Lower friction level
  • Long-life !

Low Noise Level

NO INTERFERENCE when speaking at normal levels.

Maxxtracks slopes are known to have a very low noise level and to be vibration free!

Clients can hear instructors clearly during their lesson & feedback.

  • Typical noise level Big Maxx: < 65 dB

Over-rated Motor and Drive

Low Maintenance, Extreme Durability & Reliability

  • Global Prime parts manufacturer
  • Extensive worldwide maintenance and distribution facilities.
  • Only 5 minutes of maintenance, twice per year
  • Low power consumption

Safety Controls

Substantial REDUCTION in injuries

Control of the surface speed:

  • 4 x Safety shutdown switches
  • Wireless handheld controllers
  • Soft start and stop of slopes
  • Protective surrounds

Safety Glass Mirrors

Specifically produced for Maxxtracks

The Maxxtracks Mirrors will allow you to see yourself ski.

So you can better understand where you can improve and our non-stop slopes mean you can get in meaningful length ski runs.

While resting behind the mirror, they provide excellent look through.

Maxxtracks Mirrors  are of superior quality:

  • Top quality, so no optical distortion
  • Superior look through with minimum damping
  • Rigid safety glass
  • Shatter prevention glass

Hydraulically Height Adjustable Front Bar (option)

Additional safety feature for training of minors

The front bar provides beginners - a stable reference.

For children, given the difference in height, it is recommended to have a lower front bar.

The height of the hydraulic front bar is instantly adjustable
between 73 cm. / 28 inch and 123 cm. / 48 inch.


Digital Control Panel (option)

Management Control & Flexibility

Touch screen control at the slope


  • Preset slope operations
  • Power Consumption Data
  • Integration with Maxx-sys Reservation Planner
  • Efficiency & power management
  • Higher quality Client education and feedback

EC Certification Compliance

Peace of Mind

  • Produced, delivered and assembled in compliance with UL guidelines and rules and the European Community CE guidelines and rules.
  • Fully installed, turn-key delivery
  • 12 month warranty

Our slopes in 3D:

Indoor Ski slope

Maxxtracks Indoor Skislopes

" The optimum and endless downhill ! "

Product videos