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Skicentre Information System

A dedicated lessonplanner and customer management system for indoor skischools.

The System contains:

  • A lesson planner with a daily, weekly and monthly overview ( 1 to 4 tracks)
  • A bookingsprogramme with a repeating pattern
  • A yearplanner, to close days with a certain reason(holiday, private lessons)
  • A customer relation management (direct mailing, email and query selections)
  • An invoice control
  • An overview of total lessons per day, week, month, etc.  (management erporting)
  • General settings changed easily
  • Basic data
  • A back-up and restore function, with daily, weekly or monthly check


Height Adjustable Front Bar

The front bar provides beginners a stable reference. 
For children, given the difference in height, it is recommended to have a lower front bar.

The optional height adjustable front bar can quickly be set:

  • To any height between 73 cm. and 123 cm.
  • To any height between 28 inch and 48 inch
  • By simple push button control
  • Using smooth running hydraulic cylinders

For minors:

Height of the frontbar:

  • set at 73 cm / 28 inch

For adults:

Height of the frontbar:

  • set at 123 cm / 48 inch

Confrontation Mirror

The Maxxtracks Confrontation Mirror will allow you to see yourself ski.

So you can better understand where you can improve and our non-stop slopes mean you can get in meaningful length ski runs.

While resting behind the mirror, they provide excellent “look through”.

Maxxtracks Safety Glass Mirrors are of superior quality:

  • Rigid safety glass
  • Shatter prevention
  • Top quality, so no optical distortion
  • Superior look through with minimum damping


Our slopes in 3D:

Indoor Ski slope

Maxxtracks Indoor Skislopes

" The best alternative to a long outdoor descent !"

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