Indoor skislope simulator

Normal utilisation 4-6 persons per hour

"Full free movement, no strapping in !"

Surface Size:

In order to permit making good turns, with the correct knee bending, body movement and timing etc., the width of the ski surface is of utmost important.
A net ski width of 500 cm./16.4 ft. (plus ample sidewalks), is considered to be essential by all experienced skiers.

Surface Angle:

All our Indoor Skislopes are standard fitted with a surface angle that can instantly be varied with the push of a button between 9 - 20 degrees.

Surface Speed:

The surface speed can be set to
the optimum speed for ski
and snowboard.

  • With the wireless control,
    inclusive a "soft" start/stop,
    to prevent falling over.
  • At the main control box,
    inclusive a "soft" start/stop,
    to prevent falling over.

General data:

  • Gross length +/- 10,50 mtr./ 34.5 ft.
  • Net 'skiing' length 7,50 mtr./ 24.6 ft.
  • Gross width +/- 6,55 mtr./ 21.5 ft.
  • Net 'skiing' width 5,00 mtr./ 16.5 ft.
  • Slope Angle: Hydraulic adjustable 10-19 degrees
  • Continuously adjustable surface speed
  • Radio-controlled.
  • Fence all around.
  • Front Handrail.
  • Rigid steel frame, fully corrosion protected.
  • Fixing materials: electrogalvanised and/or of stainless steel.


"Quality Without Compromise !"

Our slopes in 3D:

Indoor Ski slope

Maxxtracks Indoor Skislopes

" The optimum and endless downhill ! "

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