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Our core business is the manufacturing, installation and support of the skislope simulators.

  • The company was founded in 1991, with the focus on sports and recreation.

Maxxtracks have 200+ Indoor Skislopes at skicenters and sportsclubs, all over the world.

  • Clients can rely on more than a decade of extensive operational knowledge and experience.

At MaxxTracks we engineer, produce and install every skislope simulator ourselves, worldwide.

  • MaxxTracks skislopes are manufactured in The Netherlands, according stringent EC rules,to provide indoor ski centers, sports clubs, climbing halls, fitness centers etc.

Support program:

We have developed a dedicated and extensive support program, comprising:

  • Ski centre lay-out advisory
  • Operational management and consultancy
  • Training of skislope instructors
  • In-house ski maintenance and waxing
  • In-house shops for all ski related material
  • Skislope simulators maintenance


Maxxtracks: " Quality Without Compromise ! "

Our slopes in 3D:

Indoor Ski slope

Maxxtracks Indoor Skislopes

" The best alternative to a long outdoor descent !"

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